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Creating trustworthy data integrations

The biggest business opportunity is the solution to data deluge


The world’s only verifiable data integration

Conexus CQL drives real-time inter- and intra-enterprise scaled data integration at the pace of data growth.

Check out our new paper on algebraic property graphs, joint with Uber!


Client Success

I am a fan of the Conexus technology platform’s simplicity and power.”
— Sr. Engineer, Facebook
Current approaches to data and model management are complicated in contrast to the fairly simple data model when expressed in the language of Conexus.
— Sr. Engineer, UBER
As for Conexus’ influence, it has been substantial. Our gold standard for specifying anything now is that it must be categorical. We are beginning to trust nothing else. Our current specifications are based on Conexus.
— David Balaban, Amgen
We strongly endorse Conexus. They have changed the landscape with their technology platform which fits very nicely into our design and engineering processes.
— Murray Cooper, Honeywell Aerospace

Verifiable data integration is a revolution

We have a productized a platform-as-a-service that enables open-market opportunities for developers.


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Solid Technology Core

Trustworthy. Transparent. wide-ranging efficacy.

Born of breakthroughs in Mathematics at MIT. Productized with PhDs from Harvard. Built for scale with PhDs from Carnegie Mellon. Conexus industry deployments have demonstrated value unavailable with other approaches. Conexus clients avoid the risks of catastrophic failure, limitless costs, and interminable timelines that are featured as part of most all data integration and migration projects.