Use Cases


System Migration Integrity

Establish controls to guarantee data and model quality throughout migration. System migration projects are routinely delayed, over-budget, and fragile upon completion. Conexus will help them to run to plan.


Migrate pension data to a third party. Discover any conflicting business rules between source and target,


Data migration expressed declaratively as a CQL program. Business rule conflicts discovered and repaired.

Regulatory verification

Objectives & REsults

Ensure reporting data is accurate and complete to reduce audit risk and avoid fines.


Trustworthy data integration


Integrate experimental databases of two organizations. Identify and mediate between equivalent entities (eg: CO2, Carbon Dioxide).


Data integration expressed declaratively as a CQL program. Identification of matches expressed as a CQL query. Mediation implemented as a CQL quotient.


Schema Evolution


  • Rigorously specify changes to database schemas.

  • Automatically evolve queries to updated schemas.


  • Schema updates formalized as CQL mappings.

  • Query evolution performed using CQL composition.

Supply chain efficiency


Enrich manufacturing data with facts about chemistry given by an RDF ontology. Ensure queries return correct results.


Data integration expressed declaratively as a CQL program. Schema integration expressed declaratively.

Knowledge graphs


Provide more powerful and simpler model for representing data in large enterprises.


CQL meta-model satisfying client’s knowledge graph properties.
Foundational technology for next generation data models. 


ETL Rescue

Half of data migration projects fail, for reasons both technology-related (inability to connect to data sources, to write queries, to identify links, etc) and people-related (territoriality, disagreement on goals, inability to agree on warehouse schemas, etc). Conexus's data integration experts, can rescue ETL projects that are failing by replacing inadequate ETL technology with CQL, a technology which requires people to make fewer design designs and uses AI to prevent common errors.